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Bio-Plastobag consists of an elaborate range of compostable plastic bags that are

regionally, nationally and internationally certified for compostability and are highly

customisable with in-house printing solutions.

This gives clients the leverage of calling our products their own and

While they focus on manufacturing or selling their products, we take care of packaging

and disposing of them in a way that benefits the earth.

Packaging for Food

Bio-Plastobag’s range of plastic bags that are applicable for food packaging embody all the necessary requirements for protection of food items, ranging from dry/moist,perishable/non-perishable items or foods of varying quantity. To boost the client’s brand image we provide CI FLexo, Rotogravure and Flexo printing solutions as per customisation.

Packaging for fashion

Ethical fashion would include ethical packaging and this can be achieved with Bio-Plastobag’s array of compostable plastic bags that wrap and dispose the client’s products likewise. As always our excellent printing solutions can come in handy to design your logos, cover prints and more to make a point and be responsible towards the environment.

Packaging for general use

Plastic bags have various uses, Bio-Plastobag’s compostable plastic bags are useful to the environment even after fulfilling their varied purposes. What's more ? They have a unique QR code to provide genuine products that are GPS enabled.

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