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Bio-Plastobag is an award-winning brand from the house of Plasto Manufacturing Company.


Plasto Manufacturing Company is the leading manufacturer of certified compostable bags in India. It has three distinctive and successful industrial unit s :

  • Manufacturing

  • compounding

  • Printing

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Our Story

  • Plasto manufacturing company was started in the year 1968 as a family business that ventured into the field of plastics when the plastic industry was still in its nascent stages.


  • Since then, it has taken rapid strides by evolving with the market and technological advancements to become a successful manufacturer of polythene, polypropylene and predominantly biopolymer compounds in recent times.

  • Trusted by the masses and scores of companies, BioPlastobag extends its services to the entire globe catering to multiple industries for compostable plastic requisites. 

How It Works ?

  • Our bags made of bio-polymers brings a whole new solution to plastic pollution problem that can also save precious fossils and tree resources while providing the same convenience of regular plastic to our lives.

  • After serving its varied purposes our home certified bags can be treated as compost where natural occurring micro organisms will decompose it completely into carbon dioxide (Co2) and water and return to nature without leaving any harmful effects behind.

  • Treading into innovation, we have introduced unique dynamic encryption code (QR code) printed on each carry bag with the objective of delivering genuine products and these bags can be GPS enabled too.

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Why Choose Us ?

  • High production capacity of 20 MT/day

  • Superior quality materials and products 

  • Multi Color In-house printing solutions

  • One stop source for compostable products

  • Pioneers of the polythene industry in India.

  • Innovative 

  • International and National Certifications for

       compostable products 

  • Multi color CI Flexo for high quality image printing,   Rotogravure printing, Flexo printing up to 8 color

  •  Compostable film width of  1" inch to  100"  inches and thickness of  10 microns to 400 microns

  • First time in India, each bag comes with unique dynamic QR code to identify the genuinity of the product

  • Global Client Portfolio across Retail sectors, Textile  industries, Religious institutions, Airports, Hospitals and Online partners

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What Makes Us The Best ?

Our Vision

To make the most environmentally responsible bags  that exceed customer satisfaction while maintaining competitive prices.

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Let’s Work Together


Mobile : +91 6366558761

               +91 636656 8764

Landline : +91 80 4124 6287


Corporate Office : No. 13, 1st Floor,
Above Union Bank of India,
St. John’s Church Road, Bangalore,
Karnataka, India – 560005.

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