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Greener Tomorrow

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Plasto Group of Companies is more than just a polymer and plastics manufacturing company, it strives to provide products that possess the highest calibre in terms of quality and cost effectiveness. A sister channel of the Plasto Group is Plasto Polychem - an avant-garde R&D laboratory that has been instituted with a team of dynamic professionals consolidating their expertise to constantly upgrade the products with unique features that offer genuinity and contribute in saving the planet from the plastic pollution crisis. As a result, Plastobag Industries became one of the first companies in India to introduce “compostable and biodegradable garbage bags on roll” “Bio-plastobags”, an eco-friendly plastic bag brand made of bio-polymers emerged from the house Plasto Chem, that solves the plastic waste problem by completely decomposing naturally with other microorganisms of the earth. Our latest creation is the GPS enabled bio-polymer carry bags that have a Dynamic Encryption code (QR code) with a unique ID number. This is a one-of-a-kind bag that is not plastic but is just as convenient without being overly expensive. Fillers and Masterbatches Diving in the field of fillers and master batches, Plastobag group established a computer division in the year 2004 to manufacture them for in-house utilisation. The consistent improvisation in the fillers quality became a popular success drawing inquiries from various other companies. Plastobag group has since then taken the lead in supplying world class plasto fillers to a number of esteemed manufacturers throughout India. By providing superior standards with greater output while maintaining the quality of the end product, Plasto fillers have garnered a prominent and famed identity amongst polythene manufacturers, more so in the printing industry. The scope of fillers provided by the company is quite dynamic ranging from high performance additive filler compounds to economical fillers


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In the year 2014, Plastobag Group of Companies absorbed the concept of sustainability and decided to evolve into manufacturing environmentally responsible products. Cashing in on the 5 decade long experience in plastic making combined with the determination to eradicate the use of single-use plastic completely in the years to come, the brand “Bio-Plastobag” was born. The vision was quite simple but the mission was just as difficult. We acknowledge the fact that the ease of single-use plastic is hard to let go, however we believe that if we provide solutions that deliver the same convenience of plastic but turn into compost instead of remaining in the environment forever, the mission can be accomplished. The theory of sustainability and circular economy is imbibed in our operational procedure and we have taken giant leaps to see it practiced across the globe.

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Why choose compostable packaging ? Packaging is an essential part of commodity supply, be it at the wholesale market stage or retail level. The idea is to provide safety to the commodities from moisture, wear & tear or staining, leading to an increased shelf-life in a way that is lightweight and see-through. But owing to its property of being lightweight and transparent, it cannot be reused, recycled or refurbished and ends up existing forever. When you choose compostable packaging for your goods you can provide perfect protection to your product while the packaging product returns to nature as designed after use, putting an end to its existence. Our products are certified compostable which means they disintegrate in 180 days or more depending on the composting facilities.

Compostable Packaging
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